Frequently Asked Questions 

What method of yoga do you teach at Mystic Monkey Yoga?

Mystic Monkey Yoga is not tied to a specific lineage. This means that each instructor will have his or her own background and experience. Every class is different, and students have the opportunity to see which teachers and methods work best for them. Studio owner Jason Calsyn has practiced and trained in many styles of yoga, including Vinyasa Flow, Dharma Yoga, Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin, and Kundalini Yoga. He incorporates elements of all these styles and believes that yoga is an evolving and changing practice.

How hot are your classes?

We work to maintain appropriate and safe temperatures during our classes. Generally, classes that move faster are held at a slightly lower temperature. Our classes include Hot Hatha Yoga, which will be held at temperatures between 100 and 103 degrees, and Hot Vinyasa, which will be set to 95 degrees. If you prefer a class that is "warm" but not "hot" you might try our Warm Flow class: the heat will be maintained between 80 and 85 degrees for this class. Teachers will always work to maintain adequate airflow and student safety.

What are the benefits of hot yoga?

The point of the heat isn’t to make you uncomfortable! Hot yoga has many benefits. Here are a few: Balance and mobility: Yoga increases joint mobility and range of motion. It strengthens the bones and improves proprioception, both of which aid our balance. Improved cardiovascular health: The heat improves blood flow and heart rate, which makes for a strong cardio workout. The lymphatic system is also stimulated by the practice, which improves the immune system. Better flexibility: The heat allows your muscles to stretch deeper and more safely. Improved flexibility helps us to stay young and supple in our bodies! Weight loss: This practice causes us to lose excess water weight, and can improve our metabolism and digestion. Strength: Yoga is a low-impact exercise that uses the body’s own weight to strengthen itself. Spinal health: Back problems are a major issue in our society. Yoga builds strength and flexibility in the muscles supporting the spine and can do wonders in reducing back pain. Better breathing and lung capacity: The focus on deep breathing in yoga practice helps relieve stress and hypertension, and brings us better focus and mental functioning. The heat can benefit us by making us focus on our breath even more. Improved focus: The heat can be a mental challenge as well as a physical one! Yoga forces us to slow down and be present from moment to moment.

What if I get too hot?

It’s always ok to take a break! Just lay down on your mat or come into Child’s Pose until you cool down. Sometimes things may feel overwhelming, but usually deep breathing and a little rest will make you feel better. It’s best not to come in and out of the room: stepping in and out of the heat is hard for your body to adjust to! However, if you really need to step outside, we understand. Please let the instructor know in this case so that we can keep track of you and make sure everything is ok.

Info For New Students

What to Bring

You’ll want a yoga mat, a large towel to place over the mat, and some water. We have these items for sale or rent if you don’t have your own. For your first class, we offer free mat and towel rental. We have cubbies for your belongings, but it’s always a good idea to leave valuables at home, as we can’t be responsible for them.

What to Wear

Light clothing that offers free movement is essential. Remember that you will sweat! We recommend yoga pants or shorts, and a light top (shirts are optional but please keep your fellow yogis' comfort in mind as well as your own). Preparation It’s best not to eat a large meal within 2-3 hours of class, though a piece of fruit or small salad is generally ok. You don’t want your stomach to be full! Drinking plenty of water before class is recommended. It’s hard to catch up on hydration during class. Drinks with electrolytes in them, such as coconut water, and great for hydration. Please arrive 15 minutes early This will give you time to register and get settled before class begins. Be sure to let your instructor know of any injuries or medical conditions you may be dealing with. For students under the age of 18, parental consent is required. The minimum age to take hot yoga classes is 16 years old. Inside the Yoga Room Please observe respectful silence. We come here to quiet our minds and find a little peace! If you would like to chat with friends, please do so in the reception or back areas. We also ask that you leave your shoes and personal belongings (especially cell phones!) outside the yoga room.

FitVid On Demand

How Do I Access FitVid OnDemand?

Click "FitVid On Demand" from the main menu to go to the WellnessLiving site. Log in to your account in the top right corner and a tab should appear at the top called "Watch Video". You will have access to all our video classes. Please note that access is restricted to people with the Unlimited, Digital Only, or New Student Special memberships. You can also access the FitVid On Demand videos from your Mystic Monkey app on your tablet or other device!